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Serving Oregon and Washington with quality candidates can be a challenge for any company and this is just one area where Quantum Recruiters really shines for our clients. We even assist you with matching potential candidates that will work well within your corporate culture, because in today's world of rising costs it is important that new employees can hit the ground running. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Our recruiters are constantly looking at their contact lists and the use of all media to ensure we maintain a steady flow of candidates for our clients. We can offer direct hire, temporary hires or project hires. Whatever your needs are Quantum Recruiters is ready to save you the time and effort required to keep your company staffed with quality professionals.

At Quantum Recruiters our Q-Talent Match system is more than looking through work records and resumes and then sending out candidates to a potential employer. It's about matching a candidate with a client to fit with their company's internal structure or culture. It's like placing an employee already familiar with how your company works on a day to day basis, so they can get right down to producing results for you! Imagine fresh, new candidates beginning work on Monday that have the skills and background to fit right in with your team. No hours of interviews and difficult selection choices to go through, just a candidate ready to go to help you complete the current project at hand.

For domestic staffing in NYC, Palm Beach, Miami, Greenwich, Nashville and other major cities throughout the US be sure to get in touch with our staffing partners at The Wellington Agency.

Finding potential candidates is not a problem in today's online world, but finding the right candidate for each individual company that can fit right in with that company's culture requires investing time and learning the needs of the hiring client through a dialogue that illuminates a clear understanding of what's needed. In other words, the better we here at Quantum Recruiters understand what you want, the more likely it is that we will be able to find the type of recruit your looking for. It is that relationship between recruiter and client that is so important. We exist to give you what you want. The best way to do that is by us knowing you better.

Quantum Recruiters feels we have the right formula to match the right candidate with the right client. We must be the best at choosing the right candidates and matching them to the right client and vice versa. That is what separates Quantum Recruiters from the competition. Making the right match. Whether you are looking for candidates in accounting, management, clerical, human resources, manufacturing, marketing or other professional service positions, we are your recruiter. Our specialists are constantly reviewing human resource and labor markets to keep up to date with today's world. Armed with this information, feedback and guidance from you the client and from our professional candidates we are able to match the highest level of competent individuals in the job market today with the right clients whose internal culture will be both complimented and enhanced by our partnership.

Finding the right candidate or job can be a difficult task. But with Quantum Recruiters, we make the task simple. More than just another employment agency, we dig deeper to match skills and personality for a employment match that's built to last.

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